Vitamin therapy stops coronary sclerosis at an early stage

Nutritional Supplement Program Halts Progression of Early Coronary Atherosclerosis Documented by Ultrafast Computed Tomography

The aim of this study was to document the efficacy of micronutrients against coronary sclerosis (coronary heart disease). The study of 12 months was designed as a prospective treatment study and included 55 heart disease patients aged 44 to 67 years. It was found that without micronutrient supplementation coronary sclerosis increased by an average of 44% in one year. However, after vitamin supplementation, this growth slowed down in all patients by an average of 15%. Furthermore, in patients with early stage coronary sclerosis the progression of the disease was completely stopped within one year. In some study participants coronary sclerosis was even reversed and completely eliminated. According to the researches, the tested micronutrient combination is an effective and safe approach for the prevention and additional treatment of cardiovascular disease. Further details can be found in the study.
The underlying disease process of coronary artery disease (CAD) is called arteriosclerosis. This process starts with a weakening of the blood vessel walls, most frequently caused by an insufficient dietary intake of vitamins and other micronutrients. This leads to an underproduction of collagen and other reinforcement molecules in the artery walls and to the initiation of a repair process to compensate for the growing instability of the wall. The arteriosclerotic plaques that – with time – narrow the blood flow in the coronary arteries is essentially an overshooting repair process for the vitamin-deficient coronary artery wall. A heart attack occurs when the already narrowed artery is clogged and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to billions of heart muscle cells is interrupted. Angina pectoris. Angina pectoris is the typical alarm signal for an increased risk of heart attack. Angina pectoris typically manifests as a sharp pain in the middle of the chest, which frequently radiates into the left arm, but can also manifest itself in other (untypical) symptoms.
Matthias Rath M.D. and Aleksandra Niedzwiecki Ph.D. Nutritional Supplement Program Halts Progression of Early Coronary Atherosclerosis. Journal of Applied Nutrition, vol 48 N 3, 1996.

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