A team of researchers from the University of Milan, Italy, aimed to test the efficacy of an antioxidant diet and an alpha-lipoic acid supplement to improve the dysfunction of the inner surface of blood vessels (endothelium). Endothelial dysfunction is one of the major causes of vascular complications. In diabetes, it is incremented, promoting the development and progression of vascular diseases. In this study, 71 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes, all of whom received insulin therapy, were divided into three groups. The first group received an antioxidant diet and alpha-lipoic acid; the second one received an antioxidant diet and a placebo, and the third group served as a control group. Among others, blood pressure and long-term glucose levels (HbA1c) were determined in each patient. It was found that an antioxidant diet supplemented with alpha-lipoic acid significantly improved the dysfunction of the endothelium. Additionally, a significant reduction in insulin use was observed. Further details can be found in the study.


Scaramuzza et al.


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