Another randomized double-blind study was conducted as part of an international collaboration between the universities of Copenhagen, Melbourne, Vienna, Warsaw and other hospitals. The study included 420 patients and investigated the influence of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on the progression of chronic heart failure over a period of 2 years. According to the researchers, coenzyme Q10 is an “essential cofactor for energy production”. The results of the study showed that patients taking coenzyme Q10 supplements showed a significant reduction in mortality from cardiovascular disease and other conditions. The investigators and scientists who conducted this international study concluded: “Long-term coenzyme Q10 treatment of patients with chronic heart failure is safe, improves symptoms, and reduces major adverse cardiovascular events.” Further details can be found in the study.


Øyvind Bleie, Elin Strand, Per M Ueland, Stein E Vollset, Helga Refsum, Jannicke Igland, Jan E Nordrehaug, Ottar K Nygård


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