A hospital in Sri Lanka conducted a trial to evaluate the effects of a zinc supplement taken with or without other antioxidants on blood glucose levels and various lipid parameters in adult diabetics. 96 patients were randomly allocated to three groups: group A (29 patients) was supplemented with oral zinc (22 mg/day) and a multivitamin/mineral preparation; group B (31 patients) were administered with the same preparation but without zinc; group C (36 patients) was given a placebo for 4 months. Blood samples were taken at the start of the study and after 4 months of supplementation to assess various parameters in the blood. Among others, the results revealed that the administered combination in group A had significant effects on fasting glucose and long-term glucose levels when compared with the other two groups and with levels at the start of this trial. In conclusion, supplementation with multivitamin/mineral preparation and zinc had beneficial metabolic effects in diabetes patients, including several improved glucose levels. More details can be found in the study.


Gunasekara et al.


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