Widely used conventional diabetes drugs decrease vitamin B12 and folate levels and increase homocysteine, a substance involved in many metabolic processes. Together with high blood glucose levels, an abnormally high homocysteine level in the blood induces oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes. This trial determined the effects of folate supplementation on homocysteine concentration and oxidative stress. During the trial, 68 men with type 2 diabetes were divided into two groups: The first group received folic acid (5 mg/day), and the other group received a placebo for 8 weeks. After the supplementation period, homocysteine levels were significantly decreased, and folate and vitamin B12 levels were significantly increased in the supplemented group. Additionally, oxidative stress levels also improved supplementation with folic acid, compared to patients in the placebo group who did not show any significant changes. In conclusion, these results indicate that folate supplementation significantly improves several parameters related to oxidative stress levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. More details can be found in the study.


Aghamohammadi, Gargari, Aliasgharzadeh


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