This study evaluated the effects of the amino acid glutamine on oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals production and the body´s antioxidant defenses) during ischemia-reperfusion of the liver. Ischemia-reperfusion is the restoration of blood flow to body tissues that were blood flow-deficient. Ischemia-reperfusion damages organs and tissues (e.g. increasing oxidative stress) and is often associated with vascular diseases. The experiments were performed with rats that were given either glutamine or no treatment. The results showed that glutamine enhanced the antioxidant defenses during ischemic-reperfusion of the liver. More details can be found in the study.


Alberto Bicudo Salomão, José Eduardo Aguilar-Nascimento, Sandro Percário, Victor Sano, Nicole Ribeiro Marques, Claudia Cristina Gomes de Oliveira Dias


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