The function of specific immune cells influences type 1 diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent in type 1 diabetes and can aggravate immune dysfunction. In contrast, high-dose vitamin D treatment may enhance the function of immune cells and improve metabolism in type 1 diabetes patients. In this German trial, patients received either a 3-months treatment of 4000 IU (100 µg) of vitamin D3, followed by a placebo or the sequential alternative. 39 patients (19 women and 20 men) completed the trial. Among others, the research showed a significant decline in insulin needs and significantly improved long-term glucose levels (HbA1C). In conclusion, the daily intake of vitamin D enhances regulating immune cells (Tregs), especially in male patients. Simultaneously, glucose regulation improved in all patients. You can find more details in the study.


Bogdanou et al.


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