This study, conducted by medical universities in Rome, Italy, and London, UK, aimed to evaluate whether inositol, a vitamin-like substance, plus folic acid, may improve glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance in overweight or obese type 1 diabetes patients. Insulin resistance is when cells in muscles, fat, and liver don’t respond well to insulin and can’t easily take up glucose (sugar) from blood. This trial lasted 24 weeks and was carried out on 26 patients undergoing intensive insulin therapy. The patients were allocated to receive 1 gram inositol plus 400 µg folic acid once daily (treatment group) or 400 µg folic acid once daily (control group). The primary outcome was to evaluate the efficacy of inositol on glucose levels, assessed by long-term glucose parameters (HbA1c). After 24 weeks, significantly reduced HbA1c levels were observed in the treatment group compared with the control group. This trial demonstrated that inositol plus folic acid could improve metabolic factors in overweight type 1 diabetes patients. More details can be found in the study.


Maurizi et al.


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