The present study was conducted to evaluate the biological effect of the natural amino acid lysine (i.e. its isopeptides) on tumor growth. To this end, the compound was tested on human leukemia cells (in vitro) and on leukemia tumors in mice (in vivo). It was found that lysine inhibited cancer cell growth (proliferation) both in human leukemia cells and in animal tumors. In mice, this effect was accompanied by a significantly higher survival rate, as compared to control animals, and by a decrease in the number and size of liver and lung metastases. More information can be found in the study.


J Michael Gaziano, Howard D Sesso, William G Christen, Vadim Bubes, Joanne P Smith, Jean MacFadyen, Miriam Schvartz, JoAnn E Manson, Robert J Glynn, Julie E Buring


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