The objective of this trial was to determine whether oral magnesium supplementation improves the function of insulin-producing cells (beta cells in the pancreas) in non-diabetic individuals with magnesium deficiency. Non-diabetic participants with normal blood pressure and low magnesium levels received either magnesium (54 participants) or a placebo (52 participants) daily for 3 months. Beta cell function during the fasting state was measured. At the start of the study, measurements in both groups were similar. After the supplementation period, participants in the magnesium group showed an improved beta cell function compared with individuals in the placebo group who did not show any changes. In conclusion, daily supplementation with the magnesium product improved the ability of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas to enhance insulin sensitivity in these individuals. More details can be found in the study.


Guerrero-Romero, Rodríguez-Morán


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