This Iranian study aimed to assess the effects of selenium supplementation on the metabolism of pregnant women with gestational diabetes. The study was performed on 70 women with gestational diabetes who were not treated with conventional medication. The patients were randomly assigned to receive either 200 µg of selenium (35 patients) or a placebo (35 patients) from weeks 24 to 28 of pregnancy. Fasting blood samples were taken at the start and after 6 weeks of intervention. A significant reduction in fasting glucose (sugar) levels and insulin levels was observed. Additionally, there was a considerable decline in inflammation parameter (hs-CRP), a significantly elevated level of the antioxidant glutathione, and a significantly lower level of oxidative stress after the administration of selenium. In conclusion, selenium supplementation in pregnant women with gestational diabetes demonstrated beneficial effects on glucose metabolism, inflammation levels, and oxidative stress parameters. More details can be found in the study.


Asemi, Jamilian, Mesdaghinia, Esmaillzadeh


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