Have you ever received an incomprehensible
diagnosis from your doctor ?

As a patient you might be familiar with the following situation: At the end of a medical examination you receive a diagnosis that is difficult to understand or, at worst, not understandable at all. This problem is not uncommon, since doctors often use complex medical jargon that is hardly comprehensible to laymen.

In other cases you may understand the diagnosis and get a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug. Yet after some time you discover that your health problem continues, despite the drugs you are taking. Moreover, many prescription drugs have severe, intolerable side effects. In this case you may be asking yourself if there are alternative treatment methods which might help in controlling your health problem. In this situation, many people resort to science-based approaches that are not only effective but also safe and affordable.

The scientific studies listed in this section serve two goals: Firstly you can read scientific findings from health research, which are written in a language that can be easily understood by patients; secondly, these studies can serve you and your doctor as a resource for new and effective therapeutic approaches.

We invite you to print out the information provided on these pages and give them to your doctor. By doing so, you are allowing your doctor to help you and other prospective patients with similar health problems.