This study investigated the effect of fish oil-derived compounds (PUFA) in patients with lung cancer. 33 patients with advanced inoperable lung cancer and undergoing chemotherapy were given either four capsules/day containing PUFA or no supplementation. It was found that fish oil-derived compounds reduced inflammation and oxidative stress. The decrease of the oxidative stress implicates the reduction of free radicals’ harmful effects. In conclusion, the continual assumption of PUFA exerted positive results in patients with lung cancer. Further details can be found in the study.


Concetta Finocchiaro, Olivia Segre, Maurizio Fadda, Taira Monge, Mara Scigliano, Marina Schena, Marco Tinivella, Elisa Tiozzo, Maria G Catalano, Mariateresa Pugliese, Nicoletta Fortunati, Manuela Aragno, Giuliana Muzio, Marina Maggiora, Manuela Oraldi, Rosa A Canuto


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