The progression of Alzheimer’s disease is linked to two factors: the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier (highly selective barrier that separates blood from the brain) and the dysfunction of mitochondria (organelles placed in the cells that are involved in energy production). Vitamin C has been reported to function as a modulator of blood-brain barrier integrity and mitochondria. Against this background, the present study investigated the effects of vitamin C supplementation in mice with Alzheimer´s disease. The mice were maintained on either low (0.66 g/l) or high (3.3 g/l) supplementation of vitamin C, leading to the result that higher supplementation of vitamin C corrected blood-brain barrier disruption and mitochondrial dysfunction. More details can be found in the study.


S-Y Kook, K-M Lee, Y Kim, M-Y Cha, S Kang, S H Baik, H Lee, R Park, I Mook-Jung


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