The current study analyzed the effect of vitamin D in enhancing the immune system against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that induces tuberculosis. It was reported that T cells (white blood cells that are important for the immune system) can fight Mycobacterium tuberculosis with the help of vitamin D. The experiment were performed with cells. The present findings underscored the importance of adequate amounts of vitamin D for reinforcing the immune system against tuberculosis. More details can be found in the study.


Mario Fabri, Steffen Stenger, Dong-Min Shin, Jae-Min Yuk, Philip T Liu, Susan Realegeno, Hye-Mi Lee, Stephan R Krutzik, Mirjam Schenk, Peter A Sieling, Rosane Teles, Dennis Montoya, Shankar S Iyer, Heiko Bruns, David M Lewinsohn, Bruce W Hollis, Martin Hewison, John S Adams, Andreas Steinmeyer, Ulrich Zügel, Genhong Cheng, Eun-Kyeong Jo, Barry R Bloom, Robert L Modlin


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