The aim of this study was to clarify the relationship between zinc intake and inflammation in obese patients. Obesity is a condition associated with chronic inflammation. According to the study, individuals with low zinc levels showed signs of increased inflammation. The researchers concluded that zinc supplementation can reduce inflammation in obese patients. Further details can be found in the study.


Laura Costarelli, Elisa Muti, Marco Malavolta, Catia Cipriano, Robertina Giacconi, Silvia Tesei, Francesco Piacenza, Sara Pierpaoli, Nazzarena Gasparini, Emanuela Faloia, Giacomo Tirabassi, Marco Boscaro, Angela Polito, Beatrice Mauro, Francesca Maiani, Anna Raguzzini, Fiorella Marcellini, Cinzia Giuli, Roberta Papa, Monica Emanuelli, Fabrizia Lattanzio, Eugenio Mocchegiani


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