High glucose levels result in an overproduction of free radicals, inducing oxidative stress and impairing the function of antioxidants. This trial, conducted by a research institute in India, evaluated the effect of 3 months of antioxidant supplementation in Indian children with type 1 diabetes. 90 children were allocated to three groups: 31 healthy children (control group), 30 children who received a multi-micronutrient syrup (group 2), and 29 children who received dietary supplements (group 3). Fasting blood was tested for antioxidant and long-term glucose levels (HbA1C). Children with diabetes showed lower antioxidant levels compared to healthy controls, and patients with type 1 diabetes showed significant deterioration in total antioxidant levels in the body after the intervention period. Simultaneously, an increase in total antioxidant levels was observed in groups 2 and 3; a significant difference was recorded between the control group and group 3. This study showed that patients with type 1 diabetes had compromised antioxidant levels, which an additional supply of micronutrients may improve. More details can be found in the study.


Parthasarathy, Khadilkar, Chiplonkar, Khadilkar


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