This study evaluated the relationship between diet and Alzheimer’s disease in normal individuals at risk for this disease. Data from 52 people were analyzed. The association between nutrients and brain function was assessed by means of a questionnaire. The researchers found that higher intakes of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish and low-fat dairies, and lower intakes of sweets, fried potatoes, high-fat dairies, processed meat and butter were protective effects against Alzheimer´s disease. Based on this result, it can be stated that a healthy diet plays an important role in preventing wide-spread diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. More details can be found in the study.


V Berti, J Murray, M Davies, N Spector, W H Tsui, Y Li, S Williams, E Pirraglia, S Vallabhajosula, P McHugh, A Pupi, M J de Leon, L Mosconi


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