This study, conducted by several British researchers, aimed to investigate whether additional selenium intake can improve immune function, support the treatment of poliovirus infections, and decrease mutations of the poliovirus in healthy British adults. Therefore, 22 British participants with relatively low plasma selenium levels received additional selenium (50 µg or 100 µg) or a placebo daily for 15 weeks. After 6 weeks, all participants received an oral polio treatment, and 3 weeks later, participants received a selenium injection intravenously. The results showed, among others, that selenium supplementation induced a significant increase in selenium concentrations within 6 weeks after the start of supplementation. Also, an increased immune response was observed in the supplementation group that received 100 µg of selenium. Additionally, participants in the supplementation group showed a faster clearance of the poliovirus and fewer polio mutations in their feces, which means that selenium supplementation can improve immune function. More details can be found in the study.


Broome et al.


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