Background: Greater adherence of Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) or the Mediterranean dietary pattern were reported to be beneficial for blood pressure. However, both were established based on Western populations. Our current study aimed to explore a dietary pattern which might be suitable for hypertension prevention and control among Chinese adults nationwide. Methods: A total of 61,747 Chinese adults aged over 18 years from China Nutrition and Health Surveillance 2015-2017 was included in this study. Using reduced-rank regression (RRR) method, a dietary pattern with higher intakes of those nutrients which are inversely associated with the risk of hypertension was identified. DASH-score was also calculated for each participant for further validate the dietary pattern derived by RRR method. Multi-adjustment logistic regression was applied to examine the association between above two dietary patterns and hypertension prevention and control. Results: Dietary pattern named Beneficial for Blood Pressure (BBP) diet was characterized by higher fresh vegetables and fruits, mushrooms/edible fungi, dairy products, seaweeds, fresh eggs, nuts and seeds, legumes and related products, aquatic products, coarse cereals, and less refined grains and alcohol consumption. After multiple adjustment, protective effects showed on both hypertension prevention and control (for prevention: Q5 vs. Q1, OR = 0.842, 95% CI = 0.791-0.896; for control: Q5 vs. Q1, OR = 0.762, 95% CI = 0.629-0.924). For the DASH-diet, significant results were also observed (for prevention: Q5 vs. Q1, OR = 0.912, 95% CI = 0.854-0.973; for control: Q5 vs. Q1, OR = 0.76, 95% CI = 0.616-0.938). Conclusions: BBP-diet derived from Chinese adults has high conformity with the DASH-diet, and it might serve as an adjuvant method for both hypertension prevention and control.


Yang Y, Yu D, Piao W, Huang K, Zhao L.


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