According to this Australian study, omega-3 fatty acids improve the vascular condition, including the aorta, by decreasing vascular inflammation and preventing the risk of heart attacks due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The study, which involved participants with a high risk for severe cardiovascular diseases, evaluated the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on vascular condition by administering 1.8 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day for 12 weeks. The results were compared to participants in a control (healthy participants) and a placebo group. Before the intervention, after 3 weeks and after 12 weeks, several parameters, including heart rate and blood pressure, were measured. After supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids, the vascular condition was significantly improved, and the heart rate was decreased compared to the placebo group that did not show any improvements. More details can be found in the study.


Meital et al.


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