A study from Nigeria investigated the effects of high-dose vitamin A supplementation on malaria in infants. 152 pregnant women were involved who were at least 6 months pregnant. The participants were divided into two groups with 76 participants each: a supplementation group that received a vitamin A supplement 3 times a week and a placebo group. After delivery, a higher dose of vitamin A was administered every three months. Participants were monitored until their babies were 12 months old. The results showed that infants of mothers in the placebo group were infected earlier in the first months of their lives than babies from mothers in the supplemented group. Furthermore, the number of malaria parasites in the blood was significantly lower in the infants from supplemented women. This study showed that vitamin A supplementation is a useful and effective prophylactic measure to manage and control malaria infections in infants. Further details can be found in the study.


Elom et al.


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