An analysis of 8 clinical trials investigating the association between vitamin C supplementation and essential hypertension showed that vitamin C supplementation led to a significant reduction in blood pressure. For daily supplementation above 500 mg of vitamin C, these results were even statistically significant (P = 0.005). What is particularly remarkable about this research is the fact that these trials were conducted with patients suffering from so-called “essential hypertension”. This is a form of hypertension whose cause is unknown and therefore difficult to treat. Further details can be found in the study.


Kun Ye, Fen Tang, Xin Liao ,Benjamin A Shaw, Meiqiu Deng, Guangyi Huang, Zhiqiang Qin ,Xiaomei Peng, Hewei Xiao ,Chunxia Chen ,Xiaochun Liu ,Leping Ning ,Bangqin Wang ,Ningning Tang, Min Li, Fan Xu, Shao Lin , Jianrong Yang0


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