This study evaluated the effect of vitamin D on tuberculosis, as indicated by “sputum culture conversion”, i.e. an analysis showing that a patient is cured of tuberculosis. 146 patients with tuberculosis were given either vitamin D or no supplementation. The results showed that vitamin D administration hastened recovery from tuberculosis. Further details can be found in the study.


Adrian R Martineau, Peter M Timms, Graham H Bothamley, Yasmeen Hanifa, Kamrul Islam, Alleyna P Claxton, Geoffrey E Packe, John C Moore-Gillon, Mathina Darmalingam, Robert N Davidson, Heather J Milburn, Lucy V Baker, Richard D Barker, Nicholas J Woodward, Timothy R Venton, Korina E Barnes, Christopher J Mullett, Anna K Coussens, Clare M Rutterford, Charles A Mein, Geraint R Davies, Robert J Wilkinson, Vladyslav Nikolayevskyy, Francis A Drobniewski, Sandra M Eldridge, Christopher J Griffiths


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